Discover how Syracuse successfully extended their admitted student event series online.

The Challenge: Syracuse was hosting successful live events, but was seeking more ways to foster connections with accepted students

Like most colleges and universities, Syracuse hosts live events for accepted students to help inform their final admissions decisions. When students and parents are able to make it to these events, the in-person experience can be very successful in securing commitments for the incoming class. However, Syracuse felt it could expand on its event offerings, especially to support accepted students who may be unable to attend an in-person event.

The Solution: Syracuse used PlatformQ Education to host its first-ever online admitted student campaign

In the spring of 2017, Syracuse extended their accepted student campaign to include an online event hosted on PlatformQ Education’s Conduit platform. “PlatformQ Education allows us an opportunity to access students through a lot of the places where we’re not able to physically connect,” said Jennifer Isaf, Associate Director of Admissions at Syracuse University.

The April 2017 event took place over the course of four hours, introducing prospective students and their families to a variety of campus departments and resources – from academic programs and study aboard opportunities to residence life. Syracuse University used video presentations and online chats to connect with students on the platform:

  • Video presentations were built to mirror as much as they could from the live events hosted on campus. This ensured a consistent message for all students, and prevented staff from having to re-invent the wheel. They ran four different sessions, including one about the academic experience, and one with partner offices, like housing. “We used it as an opportunity—as another way to connect— with our admitted students who may or may not be able to come to campus,” said Isaf.
  • Live text chats were managed by university representatives across the University. That way, attendees would be able to ask questions about their unique majors and receive detailed, relevant answers.

The Results

Syracuse University used the Conduit platform in April 2017 for its inaugural online accepted student event. The results of this campaign were immediate and palpable. Due to event’s success, Syracuse has decided to build this tactic into their admitted programs moving forward.

  • Representation from 34 U.S. states and 3 countries at the event
  • Over 850 attendees on the Syracuse Conduit Platform
  • 4 out of 5 attendees matriculated into Syracuse University