Increase event attendance with Q-Tokens

Looking for ways to increase attendance at your online events? Consider building Q-Tokens, our one-click login process, into your event promotion!

On March 21, 2018, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale held an online webinar for prospective graduate students. The event, entitled “Assistantships and Fellowships – Graduate Student Funding Opportunities” saw great engagement – with close to 250 prospective students attending. Previous webcasts to date had seen much lower attendance rates of approximately 15-20 attendees. The increase in attendance was largely attributed to the application of Q-Tokens.

With Q-Tokens, attendees were dropped immediately into the online event through a URL (there was no event registration form to complete). The immediacy of the link eliminates potential attrition often seen with online events that employ a registration form. The best part about the Q-Token application? All activity data was still tracked, so SIU Carbondale has a record of all attendees at the event as well as any questions and comments that were submitted.

Interested in learning more? Be sure to watch the presentation via the link below!

March 2018 SIU Carbondale Graduate Student Funding Webcast