Across the board, organizations are now relying on chat tools to engage website visitors, and for good reason, one study found that 73% of website visitors preferred online chat over other forms of communication (such as email and phone).

Online chat is an especially important channel for the digital-first millennial generation; having grown up connected to the internet, online chat is the perfect combination of digital efficiency and personalized attention.

Today, our clients are implementing Campus Connect, our online chat tool built specifically for enrollment management, on the most popular pages of their admission websites. With Campus Connect, schools are able to connect immediately with prospective students visiting their website using a medium they use daily, text chat. Not only will you be able to collect contact information for future communications, but with Campus Connect you are able to quickly provide proactive support for your future students while simultaneously reducing the burden for resources that answer inbound phone and email inquiries.

Below is an example of a Campus Connect conversation from earlier this month.

Campus Connect Conversation

As you can see, Campus Connect promotes activity on your site, prompting your visitors to connect with you, and reducing the friction often seen when visitors hunt for an inquiry form, or worse, a general email address.

Ready to make the most of your website traffic, and identify those stealth applicants? Talk to us today about deploying Campus Connect on your website.