Congratulations! You’ve just finalized your incoming class! As you look ahead, what will you do in the months between now and September to ensure your deposits transition to enrollments in the fall?

Many of our partners are building online event series on Conduit to decrease summer melt, and maintain excitement, for the fall semester. Looking for inspiration on what campaigns to build? Check out some of our most popular topics noted below:


  • Deciding Your Major
  • Class Registration
  • Career Outcomes
  • The Advising Team

Student Services

  • Health Plan Overview
  • Housing Options
  • Navigating Your Bill
  • Campus Meal Plans
  • Student Employment

Pre-Departure Prep

  • Get Excited for Campus
  • The Visa Process
  • Roommate Pairing
  • What Not To Pack
  • Getting Here
  • Orientation


  • A Guide for Parents
  • Transitioning to College
  • Managing Your Schedule
  • Counseling Services

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