Effective online event strategies start and end with how well you develop your plan. Aside from comparing different software platforms, it’s more important to understand what your goals are with respect to leveraging online engagement. Below is a brief overview of how leading institutions go about building their online engagement plans aligned with their overall enrollment priorities.

Strategic Planning


Always start by establishing your goals. What audience(s) are you trying to engage? Building a plan for adult learners is different than international students, which is different than traditional undergraduates.


Current students tell your story best. Admissions officers are your most credible voice. Faculty can represent your programs best. When building your continuous engagement campaign it’s important to identify the most dynamic people who can represent your institution and provide the best experience for your audience.


Take a look at your schedule of existing deadlines (applications, financial aid, etc.) and events (on-campus open houses, visit days, regional events, etc.). Where are the gaps? Online events are a great way to leverage your content and engage students earlier in the process as well as provide continual engagement after in-person programs.

Need help? Our Engagement Marketing Strategists are here to help you build a high impact strategy that’s also easy to execute.


With Campus Connect on your website you can immediately engage with prospects, active on your website, on any site/page you have Campus Connect deployed. This is a great way to continuously engage prospects between your deadline and live event dates.
Live Event Planning and Preparation



Incorporate your calendar of online events into your pre-existing communication flow. It is important to let your students know about your online events alongside your other events. In addition to identifying your target audience within your inquiry and applicant pool, embed registration forms in to your social media and campus calendar promotions.



Once your event is confirmed, the next step is to set up your Q-Tokens. Q-Tokens are direct log-in URLs that bring your audience directly to your presentation content without requiring them to register ahead of time or download external plug-ins. Q-Tokens are delivered via e-mail or text, and retain all tracking of a student’s behavior on your platform. In addition to listing events on your schedule of events and promoting social media, Q-Tokens are a great way to drive direct attendance from your inquiry or applicant pool.



Submit your presentation file and set up a prep call with your Client Services Representative to confirm your presentation materials and system are set up appropriately. This will ensure your audience has the best experience!

Event Day



Leverage automated e-mail reminders and global SMS broadcasting tools to send a final event reminder to your target audience to drive live engagement. With Q-Tokens (our direct log-in URL feature), attendees are brought directly to your presentation via their desktop or mobile device without any registration forms or downloads getting in the way.


Social Integration(AT START)

With our Enhanced Simulcast feature, your Conduit presentation can be streamed live to Facebook Live, YouTube Live and Twitter Live via persicope. Our team will manage the setup and launch in partnership with your social media manager.



Take advantage of simulive and on-demand capabilities. Simulive allows you to re-present the event as “live.” We see overflow traffic for at least 24 hours as students click in after the event is complete. With on-demand, we can loop the presentation for the next 24 hours to allow new attendees to see the presentation start as they enter your page. Additionally, you can continuously schedule simulive presentations to continuously provide re-engagement opportunities and on-demand traffic with no added work or time form your team.

Evaluate & Maximize Your Outcomes


Conduit Reporting(24 HOURS AFTER)

Your Conduit dashboard gives you access to analytics and reporting to guide future decision making. After live events you will receive an activity report as well as presentation link. The report will outline all individuals who visited your page as well as the actions they’ve taken



You can access weekly summaries of student activity on your platform as well as chat logs from Campus Connect by logging in to your Conduit dashboard. Here, you can also schedule additional chats, access presentation recordings for use on your blog and other assets, and more.

Ready to get started? Contact us to tell us more about your goals and our team will develop a customized plan for your institution.