How Dickinson State Buckles Down and Drives Global Reach to the Midwest Without Leaving Their Desks

About Dickinson State University

Dickinson State University

Dickinson State offers four-year degrees in more than 75 fields of study through 10 academic departments. The school also offers pre-professional and two-year coursework. However, it specializes in business management, teacher education, and nursing. Most students attending DSU are business management majors although education (both elementary and secondary), nursing, natural science, and agriculture majors constitute significant areas of study. Dickinson State University has recently started a Graduate Course program in the field of teacher education. This gives participants a head start in graduate school courses without the commitment of enrolling in a full-time graduate program. The institution also offers two online graduate programs in teaching and entrepreneurship.

The Challenge

It’s no secret that for a variety of reasons, international student enrollment has been on the decline in the United States. In places like North Dakota, declines are has high as 16% in 2018.

Dickinson State enrolls about 60 international students. As a public institution, the majority of their students enroll from in-state. As such, armchair initiatives are one of their main methods for reaching and engaging international prospects (as opposed to lengthy international travel trips). Dickinson State understands that in order to effectively execute an armchair international recruitment initiative they need to leverage continuously available and interactive online tools.

The Solution

Dickinson State University’s International Student Webcast

Dickinson State partnered with PlatformQ Education to record an application workshop for prospective international students. Using Conduit’s “simulive” feature, Dickinson State promoted the recording to play at a specific time to allow students to engage with their team via a live chat while the video content was readily available.

Additionally, leveraging Q-Tokens (direct log-in URLs), Dickinson State removed all barriers between the students accessing the content by not requiring any additional registration forms or downloads; all while maintaining accurate reporting on which students attended and engaged during the live presentation.

The Results & What’s Next

In one hour, Dickinson State was able to provide an engagement opportunity for 55 prospective international students without having to leave their desk. In fact, because the content was pre-recorded, they were also able to address multiple time zones around the globe without having to re-host the presentation over and over again.

This content is now available on-demand and can be repurposed numerous times throughout the cycle to support new prospective students as they engage with Dickinson State.

“The staff at PlatformQ Education has been so helpful and responsive while planning my first simulive webcast. The team was able to provide support and resources for working with Q Tokens, which helped a lot. ”I’m excited about the students who were able to login at their convenience and receive information about Dickinson State University.” — Brianna Castillo, Recruiter, Admissions, Dickinson State University


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