How the University of Tampa maximized yield opportunities in back-to-back years

About the University of Tampa

A medium-sized private university, UT offers more than 200 academic programs taught by a faculty as passionate about students’ success as they are about their areas of expertise. Championship sports, student activities, community service, honors, leadership and study abroad programs complete an extraordinary academic experience that prepares students for anywhere a world-class education can take you.

The Challenge

While the University of Tampa has seen great enrollment success and growth over the past 10+ years, they are consistently seeking to evolve and keep up with how students prefer to engage with the colleges and universities on their list. Additionally, they know and recognize that while they have a solid marketing and communications plan; sometimes things do not go to plan.

In 2018 Tampa had to forgo a regional admitted student event in March due to weather in the New England area. They needed to act quickly to ensure that they were able to maintain contact with students from a very recruitment territory for them.

The Solution & Results

March 2018 Yield Event Attendee Distribution

Partnering with PlatformQ Education, Tampa quickly executed a virtual admitted student information session with a focus on inviting students from the New England area. The event attracted 168 attendees (compared to their average regional events that attract 50-75 students). Of those students who attended, 94 enrolled (a 56% yield rate), surpassing their institutional average yield rate by 35 percentage points.

While Tampa’s focus was on reaching students from New England the team was pleasantly surprised to see that a number of their attendees are from their own backyard. The online event gave local students another opportunity to get their questions answered (in addition to on-campus events).

Growing Their Impact

March 2019 Yield Event Attendee Distribution

Recognizing the value online engagement programs can have on their overall conversion and yield efforts, Tampa folded online events in to their 2019 plans. From “mythbusting the application process” presentations in the fall, to programs focused on re-engaging students they meet on the road, Tampa worked to ensure the gaps between travel, campus events and traditional communications were filled with engaging online content. Of course, their 2019 calendar also includes a steady cadence of online admitted student programs to compliment their regional and on-campus events!

As a result of integrating online events in to their overall calendar throughout the fall and the spring, Tampa has created an expectation of the accessibility of their content. As a result, their March 2019 admitted student event had nearly double the attendees as their (already successful) 2018 event (321). Additionally, their second online admitted student event in April 2019 had 250 attendees. This content remains available on-demand for admitted students to view through the summer ahead of move-in day … giving Tampa another method to put the freeze on summer melt.

"As we continue to see better and better results from our online engagement plans we continue to explore new and creative ways to incorporate webcasting and chats in to our overall recruitment and marketing plans. PlatformQ Education continues to lead the way in how we think about developing and measuring these plans." – Anthony Pinto, Senior Associate Director of Admissions, University of Tampa


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