New Enhancement Eases the Connection Between the Conduit Engagement Platform and Every Major CRM in Higher Education

05/06/2019 – Needham, MA

As colleges and universities begin the process of finalizing their 2019 recruitment campaigns, evaluating their results, and retooling for 2020 and beyond; quality of the data being used to inform decisions continues to become more and more important. Today PlatformQ Education, the leader in online engagement strategies and software, announced the latest enhancement to the Conduit online engagement platform: CRM Bridge.

CRM Bridge allows PlatformQ Education’s partners to seamlessly align the data from students they are inviting to their online events throughout the year (application workshops, financial aid Q&A, student panels and more) on their Conduit platform with the data coming in and out of their TargetX, Technolutions Slate, Ellucian, or any other CRM system they are using to manage their marketing, communications and reporting.

“We recognize how important it is for institutions to have good data when making their decisions and crafting their enrollment marketing plans.” said Gil Rogers, Vice President of Marketing and Strategic Partnerships at PlatformQ Education. Rogers added, “CRM Bridge ensures that institutions who use a CRM to manage and track interactions with students can seamlessly include the engagement data they collect during their Conduit webcasts and chats into those reports to give a more complete picture of their enrollment outcomes.”

One of the key components of CRM Bridge is it’s ease of use. “When an institution has identified the segment of students they plan to invite to an online event, they simply include that student’s CRM ID in the file they upload when generating the attendee’s direct log-in URL. This unique identifier stays with the record and is included in the institution’s post-event and on-demand activity reporting, making it easy for that student’s engagement activity to be added to the student’s activity records in the institution’s CRM of choice.” said Jillian Proia, Director of Marketing and Operations at PlatformQ Education.

The introduction of CRM Bridge comes ahead of additional planned enhancements to engagement reporting slated for later this year. CRM Bridge is available for immediate use. PlatformQ Education partners are encouraged to contact their Engagement Marketing Strategists with any questions they may have. To learn more about PlatformQ Education and to demo Conduit online engagement platform, visit

About PlatformQ Education

PlatformQ Education helps colleges and universities evolve their online engagement strategies. With a unique combination of strategic support and best-in-class software, PlatformQ Education enables institutions to meaningfully engage with students, parents, and counselors at every stage of the engagement process. Whether the goal is to increase applications or influence accepted students’ decisions, nearly 200 institutions rely on PlatformQ Education to support their conversion and yield goals.