How Azusa Pacific leveraged online events to secure 40% of their international class

About Azusa Pacific University

Azusa Pacific University is located in the San Gabriel Valley community of Azusa, 26 miles northeast of Los Angeles. Situated on 52 acres, East Campus is home to the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and the schools of Business and Management and Music, and houses administrative facilities, classrooms, residence halls, library, student center, and gymnasium. The 53-acre West Campus is home to Azusa Pacific Seminary, schools of Nursing, Behavioral and Applied Sciences, Education, Theology, and Visual and Performing Arts, two libraries, the Richard and Vivian Felix Event Center, the John and Marilyn Duke Academic Complex, the Barbara and Jack Lee Place of Prayer, and numerous classrooms and offices.

The Challenge

Like many private institutions in the United States, international student enrollment supports many campus priorities, including the globalization of the campus community. One of the biggest challenges for many institutions with respect to international student engagement is yield. Given most international students make a single trip to campus (orientation), Azusa Pacific University sought ways to ensure continuous engagement of their incoming international students to ensure they were prepared for their trip to campus and set up for success.

The Strategy

Azusa Pacific Student Panel

In partnership with PlatformQ Education, Azusa Pacific leveraged the Conduit online engagement platform to build and distribute pre-orientation and pre-arrival content for their incoming international students. Making this content accessible on-demand ensured that time zones did not impact a student’s ability to engage with meaningful content. Sessions included tips for speaking to VISA officers, pre-arrival check-lists, student panels and more.

The Results and Next Steps

In total, over 40% of Azusa Pacific’s enrolling international prospective students accessed content on the institution’s platform, ensuring they had the information they needed when they were ready to engage with it. As a result, Azusa Pacific is building similar engagement programs for domestic student outreach for the next recruitment campaign in an effort to duplicate those types of results.


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