How CSU San Bernardino used live and on-demand content to fill their transfer class

About California State University San Bernardino

California State University, San Bernardino is a preeminent center of intellectual and cultural activity in Inland Southern California. Opened in 1965 and set at the foothills of the beautiful San Bernardino Mountains, the university serves more than 20,000 students each year and graduates about 4,000 students annually.

The Opportunity

It’s no secret that transfer students are an attractive and oftentimes under-served population for many institutions. One of the challenges, of course, is that transfer students are oftentimes busy with competing priorities (work, family, school schedule, etc.) and typically stay off of the radar of admissions offices of 4-year institutions they may be considering until very late in the process.

Additionally, we know that once a student does complete the process of applying and being admitted, a typical enrollment orientation schedule may not work for this unique audience.

The Approach

CSUSB Transfer Pre-Orientation

In partnership with PlatformQ Education, CSU San Bernardino developed a transfer student pre-enrollment workshop that they hosted online. This enabled students to access the content anywhere on any device … removing the barrier of having to make a special trip to campus or call during normal business hours to understand the rest of the enrollment process ahead of their upcoming on-campus orientation.

Leveraging current student ambassadors, CSUSB focused on providing an overview of what to expect, and what to be prepared to do, at the on-campus event … ensuring that students arrived prepared and had a positive experience.

Additionally, CSUSB leveraged PlatformQ Education’s pre-event marketing guidance and expertise alongside Q-Token direct log-in URLs to minimize friction and maximize attendance by ensuring students did not need to re-register or download any plug-ins to access the content. The Q-Token links, delivered via email, brought the students directly to the live (or on-demand) presentation on any browser or device (including mobile!).

The Outcome

In total, the event saw 570 live attendees, with over 500 questions asked during the 1-hour event. That’s 500 less emails, phone calls, and texts their staff would need to field as the event came closer. Additionally, CSUSB had 704 students access the presentation on-demand the week after the live program … effectively leveraging CSUSB’s Conduit platform as a pre-orientation DVR for over 1200 transfer students!


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