New Enhancement Empowers Engagement Insights, Faster

06/20/2019 – Needham, MA

The ability to manage and make informed decisions with data is paramount in today’s enrollment management environment. This makes the ability for multiple sources of data and student engagement to connect to each other more important every day.

PlatformQ Education, the leading developer of continuous and consistent omnichannel online engagement strategies, today announced that they have successfully developed a process to automatically schedule delivery of student activity on a college or university’s branded platform directly to Slate CRM via SFTP. This, paired with the recently announced CRM Bridge capability, ensures that institutions who rely on Slate CRM to manage their data and develop their communication plans can do so while also leveraging the best-in-class webcasting, streaming, chat, email and global SMS features within the Conduit platform.

“Knowing that our Conduit activity data is automatically being delivered to Slate allows us to not worry about downloading and uploading reports and focus on the important steps of identifying the ways to leverage the data to improve our communications with our class as well as understanding the impact our online events have on conversion and yield throughout the funnel,” said Elsa Evans, Associate Director, CRM Operations at the University of Missouri – Kansas City (UMKC). Evans continued, “We’re excited about the opportunity to quickly evaluate the insights from webcast and chat engagement and use it to inform our overarching enrollment strategies.”

“We consistently hear from partners how important it is for them to make the most data-informed decisions when crafting their marketing campaigns. Insights from continuous online engagement programs like webcasts and live chats are a huge opportunity to enhance legacy communication plans.” said Gil Rogers, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Strategic Partnerships. Rogers continued, “We’re grateful for forward-thinking partners like our friends at UMKC, whom we support through our strategic partnership with RNL, for helping us build and test this critical enhancement.”

With this new enhancement, Slate CRM users will be able to:

  • Receive scheduled exports of Conduit engagement activity and chat logs directly via SFTP
  • Leverage the PlatformQ Education team to make informed choices with respect to how to use their data and insights to craft follow up actions and communications
  • Save time and act faster by developing post-engagement workflows and analytics directly within Slate

Scheduled delivery via SFTP to Slate CRM is available immediately for Conduit users who leverage Slate CRM. PlatformQ Education partners are encouraged to contact their Engagement Marketing Strategists to begin the setup process.

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About PlatformQ Education

PlatformQ Education is the leading developer of continuous and consistent omnichannel online engagement plans and strategies for higher education. With a unique combination of strategic support and best-in-class software, PlatformQ Education enables institutions to meaningfully engage with students, parents, and counselors at every stage of the engagement process. Leveraging the Conduit platform, which combines webcasting, streaming, live chat, email and global SMS, nearly 200 institutions rely on PlatformQ Education to support their conversion and yield goals.