How Towson University ensures smooth arrivals, maximizing orientation success

About Towson University

Towson University offers students the best of both worlds. TU offers the academic programs and exceptional faculty typical of a large university coupled with the close-knit community and personalized approach of a small college. TU’s wide range of extracurricular activities contribute to a dynamic student experience. Students can pursue diverse interests and cultivate undiscovered talents.

The Opportunity

Towson University was seeking to improve the orientation for incoming prospective students. Understanding that “getting there” is a big part of the stress, TU wanted to build a pre-arrival plan that ensured students had all of the information they needed when they arrived to campus while also ensuring they had every opportunity to have any last minute questions answered.

The Approach

Towson Orientation Preview
TU Orientation Preview Video

In partnership with PlatformQ Education, TU developed a pre-orientation video that was delivered via Q-Mail e-mail automation and Q-Message SMS the week ahead of each student’s orientation week. Because their team was short on time to set up the process in their CRM, they leveraged PlatformQ’s marketing support, ensuring the invitations to students were sent on-time.

TU produced a quick and pre-recorded, 2-minute, video gave students everything they needed to know once they arrived to campus … including a map to parking, directions to check-in, key reminders of what to bring as well as an overview of what to expect.

Leveraging the Campus Connect chat tool within Conduit, TU also made orientation leaders available to students to answer any questions they may have. Of course, the video produced by their team was so well done impactful there were very few live questions to field. TU understood that a short and high-impact video was the best way to engage their incoming “GenZ” population!

The Outcome

In total, Nearly one-in-three future TU students engaged with the content ahead of their scheduled orientations. By enabling the content to be live and then continuously available on-demand, TU saw an even split of students viewing the content at the scheduled chat time and on-demand at the student’s convenience.

Most importantly, TU saw how easy it is to leverage this tactic and incorporate a similar approach ahead of future campus events like open houses and specialized visit days to boost attendance and convenience for their prospective students and families.


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