How Caldwell University leverages Conduit with RNL and TargetX to maximize ROI

About Caldwell University

Located in the picturesque town of Caldwell, New Jersey. Recently, Caldwell was voted the third best place to live in all of New Jersey by New Jersey Monthly Magazine. Offering a stunning campus setting, Caldwell University is only a short walk from town, where students find shops, coffee houses, restaurants, a movie theatre, and anything else a student could want.

Aligning Multiple Service Providers

Like most college and university admissions and marketing departments, Caldwell University relies on a number of strategic partners to help them achieve their goals. Understanding that no single provider alone will fill their class, Caldwell trusts strategic partners to align in support of their short and long-term objectives. 

Three of these providers are PlatformQ Education to develop their online engagement strategy with Conduit, RNL to survey their prospective students and drive demand and of course TargetX for CRM implementation and analytics.

Services Supporting Success

Working with PlatformQ Education, RNL and TargetX, together, enables Caldwell to achieve a number of strategic priorities including becoming truly data-driven with the capability to achieve an omnichannel engagement strategy. They do this in a number of ways, including:

  • First, by leveraging insights from RNL surveys to tailor messaging and their overall marketing strategy. Additionally, leveraging Demand Builder their team can focus on true inquiries instead of chasing after unqualified prospects.
  • Next, Conduit supports conversion and yield with opportunities for consistent and continuous online engagement. This includes online open houses toward the top of the funnel and admitted student events later in the process
  • Finally, their TargetX CRM allows Caldwell to develop workflows to automate email and print campaigns to audience segments throughout the process

By aligning these three strategies together Caldwell is set up to maximize success across all three investments because they think of how each provider can complement one another rather than thinking of each provider as a standalone tool.

Laying Out the Process

To maximize the ROI on student recruitment and marketing investments, aligning strategies is key. Conduit gets the most out of your marketing efforts by aligning omnichannel online engagement strategies with your overall enrollment plans. 


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