How Landmark College leveraged a multi-network approach to cast a wider virtual net

About Landmark College

While many colleges offer special programs for students with learning disabilities (LD) and other learning challenges, Landmark College is one of the only accredited colleges in the United States designed exclusively for students who learn differently, including students with learning disabilities (such as dyslexia), attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

Landmark College’s mission is to transform the way students learn, educators teach, and the public thinks about education. They provide highly accessible approaches to learning that empower individuals who learn differently to exceed their aspirations and to achieve their greatest potential. Through the Landmark College Institute for Research and Training, the College aims to extend its mission across the nation and throughout the world.

Developing Meaningful Content

Landmark College, like most institutions, works to develop strategies to boost visibility, particularly early in the admission process. While the default activity for many schools is to buy more names and send more mailers, Landmark took a more unique approach.

Working with PlatformQ Education, the Landmark team developed an online open house that featured a variety of speakers from admissions and student services as well as current students sharing their story about transitioning to life on campus,

Going Live Across Multiple Platforms

Landmark College Virtual Open House on Conduit, Facebook Live, YouTube Live and Twitter Live.

To reach the most students possible, Landmark College invited students via email to view the presentation on their Conduit platform. Within the email they embedded Q-Tokens, which are direct log-in links that allow students to access the content on the Landmark College institutionally branded platform without any need to register, log-in, or download any apps or plug-ins to view it … all while maintaining the ability to report on each student’s activity within the platform to measure ROI.

Understanding that not all students would receive (or read) the email, as well as having a desire to reach and support parents more broadly, they decided to simulcast the content to various social channels including two institution Facebook pages, YouTube and Twitter Live. This ensured that Landmark College was available and accessible everywhere their students and their families may be online during the live event. Additionally, with the content being lengthy (over an hour), the PlatformQ Education Conduit team split the content up into “chapters” for easier viewing for students accessing content on-demand.

The Results

Landmark invited 2700 students to their online open house. Across all of their social channels and Conduit combined the team reached nearly 1400 students live! By leveraging all four channels, Landmark was able to reach an audience representing over half of those invited to the event. Additionally, their online open house content was also made immediately available on-demand on Conduit as well as across their social channels to boost discovery for new prospects throughout the admission cycle.


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