How Valencia College builds their international student community early and often

About Valencia College

Valencia College has become an innovative leader in higher education with a reputation for student success. Through a welcoming learning environment and a focus on improving student outcomes, Valencia provides an affordable, quality education to all who apply.

The college’s graduation rates—for both the Associate in Science and Associate in Arts degrees—have garnered national recognition, including the prestigious Aspen Prize for Community College Excellence in 2011-2012. With carefully-developed degree programs, continuing education courses and accelerated skills training, Valencia College is helping to transform Central Florida into an engineof economic opportunity for its residents.

Making a Global Impact With Limited Resources

Valencia College serves students from nearly 80 countries around the world, serving as a bridge to 4-year institutions within the state of Florida while also ensuring academic fulfillment for a diverse student population. To best support student success, Valencia is consistently looking for ways to make their staff accessible while making the enrollment process simple for their student audience

Two Key Solutions

In partnership with PlatformQ Education, Valencia College has integrated web-based, armchair recruitment methods into their international student outreach in two key ways:

Valencia College’s website with Campus Connect embedded chat.

Campus Connect Embedded Chat

The first way that Valencia College streamlines the process for supporting international prospective students is by leveraging Campus Connect, the embedded chat tool built in to the

Conduit platform, to enable live chat on their “.edu” site for international prospects at dedicated times throughout the month. These times are varied to accommodate different time zones around the globe.

Admitted Student Webcast

Valencia College’s “I’m admitted, now what?” presentation.

To support admitted student yield, Valencia produced an “I’m Admitted, Now What?” webcast for their accepted students for the fall semester. This presentation was recorded once and is able to be re-played throughout the cycle for newly admitted students to provide them with the opportunity to engage with the content. 

The Results

Valencia has seen great engagement with their content. Valencia cultivated over 200 questions via their chat widget over a 45 day period (both live and offline); ensuring that students looking for information can be supported in real time. 

Additionally, the “I’m Admitted, Now What?” webcast (strategically planned earlier in the process), generated great results. In fact, nearly one-third of all invited admitted students engaged with the webcast content live or on-demand within 24 hours of the broadcast. This presentation is now archived and available to be re-broadcast to new admitted students throughout the cycle; ensuring that all admitted students are given the same opportunities to engage ahead of enrollment.


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