Our top 5 posts of the year

The past year has been a transformative one for the way students and schools connect and engage. Leading institutions are catching on and recognizing that in order to stay ahead they need to layer new methods of communicating in to existing web strategies.

To help you catch up (or stay ahead of the curve!), we’ve assembled a roundup of our top 5 posts of 2019. Check them out. Share them with your friends. And contact us to get started!

#1 – Don’t Be Evil

It should come as no surprise that the changes to NACAC’s CEPP this year have had lasting impressions on both conversations as well as strategic decisions. Ahead of the vote, we published our thoughts on the landscape no matter the outcome.

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#2 – Talk Data to Me

The Washington Post published some rather dated perspectives on the use of student data in college recruitment and marketing. After the article we shared our perspectives on how companies like RNL and Capture Higher Ed help, don’t hurt, students and schools find better success.

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#3 – PQE Recognized in Annual EdTech Landscape

The great people at Eduventures publish a rather robust and comprehensive landscape of edtech solutions providers on an annual basis. This year, among the shuffling of some categories, PlatformQ Education was added to the mix. We’re thrilled to be recognized amongst all of these other great providers and play our part in impacting better student outcomes.

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#4 – 5 Insights from the 2019 IIE Open Doors Report

The global landscape for education continues to change. A number of factors have been influencing the demand for a US education abroad for years. This year, of course, was no different. We sharedour perspectives on the most recent shifts and how institutions can adapt to this new reality.

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Canned Webinar Product

#5 – Beyond Vloggers: What’s Your Institution’s Video Strategy?

Video should not be an afterthought in a modern engagement plan. Like print, email and social media; a solid recruitment plan is incomplete without a strategic look at how the student voice and perspective (the #1 influencer) is being leveraged with video (the #1 channel for consuming content). This post gives a birds eye view of how to get started.

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