How University of San Diego influenced over 1,000 families without leaving their desk

About the University of San Diego

The University of San Diego is dedicated to advancing academic excellence with a mission grounded in the Catholic intellectual tradition. Students are encouraged to explore how faith and reason are compatible in education and to develop strong moral convictions.

The University of San Diego, like their city, took its name from San Diego de Alcalá, a Franciscan friar from Alcalá de Henares, a monastery near Madrid, Spain. The university’s 180-acre campus is called Alcalá Park, and the Spanish Renaissance architecture that characterizes Spain’s 500-year-old University of Alcalá serves as the inspiration for buildings on the university campus.

Building a Parent Engagement Program

USD Conduit platformYield is at top of mind for most institutions. With this in mind, the University of San Diego (USD) understands that parents and families are key influencers during the final decision-making process. In addition to cultivating a relationship with prospects throughout the year through a variety of channels, USD also ensures that parents are involved in the process.

Additionally, USD like many other institutions, seeks to drive their families to engage in future content and take next steps.

The Approach

University of San Diego Parents and Family Presentation
University of San Diego Parents and Family Presentation

In partnership with PlatformQ Education, USD hosted a virtual session specifically for parents and families of admitted students for the fall 2020 class. The intent of the presentation was to ensure the key influencers of their prospective students, and the student themselves, had every opportunity to reinforce why USD is a community they should be excited to be a part of.

Parents were invited to attend the presentation via a targeted email campaign with personalized log-in URLs that brought attendees directly to the presentation within USD’s Conduit platform (versus requiring a log-in or download like a standard webinar platform). Finally, embedded CTA (Call-to-Action) buttons were included alongside their presentation content to enable their audience to take next steps like planning future visits or starting the enrollment process.

The Results: Happy Parents and Students

In total, over 1,000 parents engaged with the presentation. Beyond attendance, however, the truly exciting outcome is the volume of engagement. Over 50% of participants submitted a post-event survey providing feedback to the presenters. These responses included great insights for the team to understand the impact the presentation made on their prospective family’s choices. 

Here are a couple great example of the many great responses from a parents and families who attended USD’s parents and families presentation:


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