How Sam Houston State University jump started their transfer outreach and set themselves up for future success

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Named for Sam Houston, Texas’ greatest hero, Sam Houston State University continually strives to honor its historical roots through academic excellence that includes exceptional teaching from faculty. For more than 139 years, SHSU has been preparing students for meaningful lives of achievement. Its motto, “The measure of a Life is Its Service,” resonates among its 21,500+ students and echoes across eight colleges and beyond its Huntsville roots.

The Importance (and Challenges) of Transfer Enrollment

For many institutions transfer student enrollment is a key strategic priority. Public institutions like SHSU play a unique role because of their ability to support degree completion and access for students with a desire to complete a 4-year degree. The challenge, of course, is engaging with this unique audience given their broad spectrum of needs and priorities. Traditional community college visits can only take a team so far when prospective students are on varying schedules and timetables for their next steps.

Driving Maximum Engagement

In partnership with PlatformQ Education, SHSU developed and executed a webcast dedicated to prospective transfer students. The brief pre-recorded video focused on ways to help students understand their next steps to take to begin the application process and ultimately complete their degree at SHSU. Admissions officers were available via live chat to answer questions and speak candidly about the process with the priority of helping potential transfer students feel at ease about the process.

SHSU videos in a line
SHSU past videos listed on-demand

Because the presentation was hosted online it was made available as not only a live presentation, but also immediately available on-demand for students who may not have been available for the live session. This meant the SHSU team was able to continuously engage interested prospects who would have otherwise missed the opportunity to consume the content. 

Additionally, to drive maximum engagement, SHSU leveraged PlatformQ Education’s managed marketing services to handle all pre-event, day-of and post-event marketing. This ensured that the event was effectively marketed to their prospective student audience without needing to pull internal resources away from their day-to-day work. Leveraging Q-Tokens (direct log-in URLs assigned to each student), students were able to access the presentation content without having to register, download a plug-in or an app, or otherwise go through any other barrier between 

The Results

SHSU was able to engage nearly 200 prospective transfer students with their online information session. Additionally, the team saw over 500 chat engagements with the attendees … That’s 500 phone calls or emails the team was able to divert in real-time! 

The team has already worked collaboratively with their campus community to schedule a career services showcase to help prospective students better understand the tools and resources available to them for preparing for life beyond SHSU.


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