From air travel to the economy, the reality is abundantly clear that the COVID-19/Coronavirus outbreak is having real impact on society. Across the news and social media we are seeing and hearing about institutions taking basic steps like educating their students about precautions to going so far as to cancelling international travel trips and study abroad programs.

At PlatformQ Education it has always been our position that a prudent enrollment campaign include at minimum one online option to engage and support students who may not have the opportunity to get to campus or attend a regional event to connect with other students and staff. Now, more than ever, providing these opportunities will be a critical component of your recruitment and marketing plans. The difference this year is that in addition to offering online programs as safeguards to issues like weather or busy schedules impacting a student’s ability to connect … making these opportunities available becomes a way to demonstrate your understanding of the real challenges and concerns your future students and their families may be facing.

Unfortunately, the impact that the virus is having seems to be escalating on a weekly basis . With the potential for travel bans or parents and families being concerned about the safety of large group gatherings, what programs are you offering for your admitted students at this critical time of year to connect and engage with you and your staff? As I mentioned above, our recommendation is at minimum one event dedicated to domestic students and one for international students if that audience is a cornerstone of your enrollment priorities.

Our team is here and available to not only help you host an online admitted student session, but more importantly to assist with development and execution of all the marketing and communication campaign details. All they need from you is your list of accepted students to market to on behalf of your institution. We have the resources to help.

If I can be of any support, please do not hesitate to reach out.


Gil Rogers
Executive Vice President
PlatformQ Education

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