Latest enhancement incorporates Conduit data into marketing activities to inform broader tactics and strategic intelligence

11/5/2020 – Needham, MA

QTagsPlatformQ Education today announced its latest enhancement: QTags. With resources getting tighter and tighter on college campuses it is important for enrollment marketers to ensure their investments are getting the greatest ROI. QTags allow Conduit users to integrate their virtual event activity into their CRM and marketing attribution data by incorporating tracking codes from leading third-party tracking platforms within Conduit landing pages and event pages; providing crystal clear visibility into virtual event and continuous engagement programs on overall traffic and audience qualification.

Additionally, QTags enable Conduit users to allow virtual engagement activity to inform digital advertising campaigns by incorporating retargeting pixels into the platform; driving more precise follow-up messaging across Facebook, Instagram and targeted advertising networks like Google.

“Our goal is to ensure that leading institutions using Conduit to engage their audience with the best webcasting, streaming and chat tools, paired with our strategic planning and production expertise, can do so while also aligning those activities with their overall strategic marketing and enrollment priorities.” said Gil Rogers, Executive Vice President at PlatformQ Education. “Conduit is already integrated into Ruffalo Noel Levitz Demand Builder and Application Cultivator programs as well as Capture Higher Education’s Engage Behavioral Analytics solution. And, through our recent partnership with Underscore we’ve made the process of leveraging Conduit alongside Technolutions Slate CRM seamless. QTags unlocks the ability for third party tracking like Google Analytics, Facebook pixel, Slate ping and more to empower clients to maximize pre and post-event engagement with targeted digital media or more personalized communications.”

Setting up QTags is simple. PlatformQ Education clients simply provide their applicable tracking codes to their dedicated account manager whose team will build into their custom Conduit instance(s). Traffic will automatically populate to the institution’s marketing automation system(s) of choice.

For more information, contact your PlatformQ Education representative today.

About PlatformQ Education

PlatformQ Education helps colleges and universities virtualize their online engagement strategies. With its suite of products and managed services, including Conduit, Campus Connect live chat, global SMS and email automation, PlatformQ Education enables institutions to meaningfully engage with students, parents, and counselors at every stage of the engagement process. Whether the goal is to increase applications or influence accepted students’ decisions, or reach and engage alumni, hundreds of institutions rely on PlatformQ Education to support their conversion and yield goals every day.