Our staff shares their favorite programs from a crazy year in online engagement

With 2020 in the rearview mirror we’re taking a quick look back at some of our favorite uses of the Conduit platform to drive continuous and memorable engagement for a variety of student audiences. From student panels to orientations, and everything in between … here’s a quick look back at our staff picks for 2020!

Pumpkin Painting Challenge: Western Connecticut State University

“I felt the event was special because it wasn’t just a student panel.  It added the fun of pumpkin painting and the voting of who painted the best pumpkin to allow for more student engagement.  There are so many student panels going on these days but this one stood out for its originality and was perfectly timed right for Halloween.  Additionally, the tone of the event was casual and fun which really showed off the vibe at WCSU.”

— Anthony Pinto, Engagement Marketing Strategist for WCSU

Senior Day on the Hill: Prairie View A&M University

Prairie View A&M UniversityThis event was to provide PVAMU information to first year freshman students and parents. Topics covered: Welcome & Academic Showcase Overview, Housing Virtual Tour, Student Panel, Parent Chat, Student Life Program, and a Marching Storm Performance! The marching band at PVAMU is a showcase for the institution and the Marching Storm Performance had everyone singing the rest of the day. The event was special because it not only created a place for students and parents to ask their questions live to easily get information, but the Prairie View team’s energy and enthusiasm did not go unnoticed, and made all students and families feel excited to be a part of a passionate and welcoming community.” 

— Shaina Jackson, Engagement Marketing Strategist for PVAMU

Maryville Live! Hot Ones – Maryville University

Maryville University Hot OnesThis was one of my absolute FAVORITE events from 2020. Maryville University consistently hosts great presentations typically led by their exceptional students. For Fall 2020, they launched their MaryvilleLIVE series and one of their events mimicked the YouTube Show “Hot Ones,” while also displaying their knowledge/experiences of all that Maryville University has to offer. The event overall was informative, while the students participating showed off their unique personalities throughout the event. I am excited to announce that there will be a Part II to “MaryvilleLIVE Hot Ones” sometime later this semester.

— Tyler Martini, Engagement Marketing Strategist for Maryville University

What Truth Sounds Like: Texas A&M University System

TAMU System SymposiumThe event hosted keynote speakers and leading voices in multiple disciplines, with a focus on systemic racism, trauma in the Black American community, and the call for equity.  The event was hosted by the A&M Commerce College of Education and Human Services and, with successful promotions such as #TAMUCeducates, had a 74% attendance rate of those invited.  The symposium offered a compelling, important discussion on systemic racism in American and applying lessons learned to college campuses.”

— Greg Farrell, Engagement Marketing Strategist for TAMU System

Re-Imagining New Student Orientation: University of Connecticut

UConn Conduit Workflow

“Leveraging Conduit Workflow, the University of Connecticut quickly developed a new student orientation for Fall 2020 that served their 5 campuses and over 7,000 students with an over 90% completion rate.  This dedicated instance of Conduit can be set up in 4 weeks or less. As we continue to plan and hope for a return to normalcy after the pandemic, a virtual component to everything will be the norm. UConn is now ahead of the curve when it comes to integrating virtual content into a new student orientation program.”

— Gil Rogers, Executive Vice President at PlatformQ Education

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