Key Insights from Leading Researchers

The way students and schools connect and engage has changed forever. It’s no longer a matter of “if”, but “how” we build a virtual event plan to compliment legacy communication channels and in-person programs. Here are some great insights from leading researchers that showcase the importance of keeping a keen focus on quality virtual event planning.

Infographic with key research data points outlined below.

  • 90% of private institutions find virtual visit days to be effective
  • 98% of public institutions find virtual visit days to be effective
    source: RNL. (2020). 2020 Marketing and Recruitment Practices for Undergraduate Students.
  • 2/3 of parents are satisfied with virtual events hosted by colleges
    source: RNL, CampusESP, Cappex, & NAIA. (2020). College Planning and the Perceptions of Parents After COVID-19
  • Greater than 90% of students are interested in learning more about curriculum, student life, and financial aid via live or pre-recorded presentations
    source: Eduventures, COVID-19 High School Senior Survey (2020)
  • Nearly 80% of students who attended a virtual event would be interested in attending another, 84% said virtual events were helpful
    source: Niche, Unprecedented College Search: The Class of 2021 Fall Survey (2021)

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