It’s time! PQCast, your new webcasting module in Conduit, is now available for your upcoming events. This email details important next steps for training. Please coordinate with your core virtual event team — anyone who moderates and manages live events.

1: Watch a PQCast Overview today

Join us as we preview the new features and functionality you’ll get access to during beta. This includes: self-serve webcasts, automated closed captions and editing, and a streamlined presenter interface from the Conduit Dashboard.

Two options:

  1. Attend a live PQCast preview and get your questions answered on the spot.
  2. Short on time? Watch a high-level overview of PQCast features.

2: Schedule Your Training before March 31

  • Connect with your Engagement Strategist for a personalized, guided in-studio training session.   
  • After this training, you’ll have full access to run events on PQCast. We’ll collect your event feedback and monitor results. 
  • We encourage you to join our Conduit Community in Slack. We’ll invite you to a private channel for PQCast users so you have quick-access to our event production team for support.

3: Plan your first PQCast event

After training, work with your Engagement Strategist to plan your first live event in PQCast. 

  • Use your Google Event Planner to collaborate with our team on your upcoming events and determine which will work best for PQCast.
  • Consider conducting your next presentation recording in PQCast!