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The journey from inquiry to enrollment is rarely a straight line. Leveraging Conduit for continuous and consistent engagement with Engage, the Behavioral Intelligence Platform, institutions gain unmatched insight into the activity of their prospects and opportunities to support desired next steps with a combination of targeted digital media, virtual content and virtual events. Here’s one of thousands of examples of students being better supported throughout their college search by an institution using Conduit and Engage together!

How Amanda* landed at Suffolk University


Amanda was an inquiry that was first identified by a Capture PID form on Suffolk University’s website.

Amanda started her application right after seeing an ‘Apply by Nov 15’ Engage toaster message.

Her process seemed to stall.

Amanda was automatically served 5 different Engage popovers and triggered emails to continue guiding her journey with no action or response.

Amanda attended an admitted student event on the Conduit platform on February 1 and deposited the next day!

After the Conduit event & depositing, Engage has tracked Amanda returning to the site twice, visiting 11 pages total as of March 15, 2021, providing her counselor with insights to help prevent melt.

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*Names are anonymized to protect student privacy