Key Takeaways from the RNL Senior Leadership Forum

Recently, PlatformQ Education’s executive vice president for dad jokes, Gil Rogers, collaborated with our partners at the University of New Orleans on an executive panel to discuss how the next generation of student engagement has accelerated the strategies and needs of enrollment offices. Given how busy we know you are, here are the highlights to share with your team:

  • Families are a vital part of recruiting your class and they are highly accustomed to personalized communications. “To the parents of” doesn’t cut it anymore. For a lot of families, the parents have been so involved in the high school learning at home this past year and will continue to want that level of connection heading into college.
  • Build your key virtual touch points around topics that are transformational to their journey and not solely transactional. We have to refine what we are offering – virtual has to be core to the overall strategy and integrate with the experience more than just a next steps to-do list.
  • You’re going to have to differentiate yourself even more in the virtual space. How do you stand out and how do you build that “community feel” with your class? An important key to that is truly being a partner with companies like CampusESP and PlatformQ Education to help measure results and strategize how best to use them in your overall enrollment plans.
  • The way that you manage the enrollment cycle has changed. You can’t just start at the top of the funnel with more, more, more and expect results. Leaders are getting creative in the use of different resources to help make their class and make the right segments do the right things at the right times without leaving anyone behind.

It’s gone beyond just recruitment to true engagement. Colleges and Universities are feeling the impact of generational and technological changes that further highlight how a personalized and connected approach must be leveraged to produce yield. 

The theme of “work smarter, not harder” is being felt across the industry and those taking action as a result of their data are finding successful ways to make their class with consistent, meaningful and impactful virtual engagement throughout the funnel – with students and their parents/ supporters.