Key Enhancements Support Future Hybrid Approaches

With light at the end of the pandemic tunnel, and a newfound appreciation for the efficiencies of effectively leveraging virtual tools for engagement, enrollment managers must now begin thinking about how to get the most out of their human capital while balancing more focused in-person events with the reach and accessibility of virtual options.

PlatformQ Education is always thinking ahead. Which is why we’re excited to share some of our latest enhancements and preview some of the future roadmap as you build out your recruitment plan of the future, today!

Top 5 Conduit Enhancements for 2021 (so far!)

Core to any good enrollment marketing strategy is a well-crafted virtual engagement plan. The challenge will continue to be generating meaningful and accessible content that is also measurable as part of an overall campaign strategy. Here are some ways we’re making it easier to produce, host and manage good content:

PQCast Presenter Studio

PQCast, the new streamlined presenter studio that is built into Conduit and lives within your browser (i.e. no apps to install), enables you to pre-record or host live presentations with ease. Content created in PQCast is automatically endured and made available on demand on your institutionally-branded platform.

PQCast allows you to dynamically and easily change between screen share and different presenter layouts on the fly … creating a more dynamic end user experience for your audience.

Machine Generated Closed Captioning (and easy editing!)

As research continues to show, video is increasingly watched without sound on. Couple this with our desire to provide accessible experiences so that all users can enjoy and engage with your content, we now offer an easily manageable closed captioning tool built into Conduit! Our intelligent closed captioning tool creates automatically-generated captions during live events and adds captions to any pre-recorded content  uploaded to Conduit by your team. The captioning tool is integrated and easy-to-use in post-production if you need to make any edits to ensure accessibility compliance.

Expanded Use of Conduit | Workflow

Creating student-specific automated video flows with Conduit reporting that you love has expanded to fit additional institutional needs. Financial aid package information? Covid-19 procedures and back-to-school requirements? Automated personalization is here with Workflow!

Streamlined Uploading and Scheduling

Creating a live experience for your audience without being live 24/7 has never been easier. We’ve refreshed and enhanced the way you upload pre-recorded content, download and edit content, and manage your schedule of presentations. These new enhancements will enable you to build a “plug and play” virtual engagement plan when your counselors fold in-person programs back into their day-to-day.

Integrations Galore!

We’re friendly people and true to our Conduit name, we’re connecting with everybody! Through partnerships and tech enhancements, we’ve created a seamless experience for institutions with leading CRM and marketing automation platforms to integrate data points and recruitment tools and ensure you have what you need to make strategic decisions and engaging experiences.
Some of our key enhancements include:

  • A Conduit/Slate CRM Connector in partnership with our friends at Underscore, a Carnegie Company
  • A Conduit/Engage integration to pass Conduit engagement data to the Engage module of the Capture Higher Ed Behavioral Intelligence Platform
  • QTag integration, allowing partners to add marketing automation and digital advertising pixels into their Conduit platform pages

Honorable Mentions

While not in our top 5, we’ve done a lot of work to support clients maximizing their use of the Conduit platform, including:

  • A brand new Knowledge Base full of documentation to support setup. Coming soon? Tutorial videos for continuous learning!
  • A Slack Community for Conduit users to connect and share best practices. (Contact your Engagement Marketing Director for an invitation!)
  • Consistent updates to our insights blog to showcase success stories and keep you informed

What’s Next?

2021 will continue to impress with these enhancements that are coming soon on the tech roadmap.

Salesforce Integration App

Salesforce CRM users rejoice! We’re upgrading the way your data flows to your systems from Conduit by building an integration app that will be available soon in the AppExchange. This app will allow for automatic generation of login tokens and activity reporting integration from Conduit to Salesforce. Stay tuned for when this app rolls out!

Get Ready for Con2it!

As we look ahead to a post-pandemic world, dynamic virtual content will be a centerpiece of an institutional engagement plan. We will need to stop thinking about campus visits online and in-person as separate campaigns and shift to a truly integrated approach.

The next version of Conduit will enable greater flexibility to incorporate Conduit content and virtual events into your recruitment and engagement plans with more functionality for customizing event registrations, individual platform instance content, and cleaner integrations with marketing automation platforms and your CRM. Stay tuned as more features are rolled out throughout the summer and into the fall!

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