Conduit Workflow creates customization at scale without the pitfalls of traditional personalized videos

Year after year, survey after survey we hear the same things … students like video, and students desire more personalized content. The challenge, of course, is creating personalized video at scale.

Historically, personalized video solutions relied on a “mail merge” experience. Simply put, pre-recorded modules create a high energy “hype” video meant to inform your audience about their admission offer or financial aid. The challenge with this approach is that ultimately all of these experiences end up looking and feeling the same. And worse, they become a comedic novelty when students receive different videos from multiple schools that have the same look and feel. 

Personalized video should not be executed in the same manner as an outsourced large scale Search campaign. 

Conduit Workflow creates purposeful and personalized video with a superior end-user experience. While videos are pre-recorded, they are also separated into easily digestible modules with the option of adding variable content (like quizzes or surveys) alongside the content to ensure recall and retention of the content itself. Additionally, your audience can go back to specific modules to easily find content they are looking for.

Five great use cases for Conduit Workflow

Personalized Video Viewbook

While a mail-merge video would create a “one size fits all” approach to informing your audience about your institution, Conduit Workflow enables you to build a module sequence to suit your institution and your prospect’s needs. Modules can be dedicated to a student’s desired major. Or, better yet, provide your prospect the opportunity to tell you their desired major by which video they choose to select.

New Student Orientation

While some elements of in-person orientations will return, the reality is that most students desire some level of hybrid engagement with your institution prior to enrollment. The more “transactional” elements of orientation like tutorials for using the course registration system, setting up payment plans or even completing housing paperwork can and should be made available On Demand. Conduit Workflow enables you to build sequential modules of information tailored specifically to each incoming student while also being ensured that students complete required steps prior to enrollment.

Platform Laptop-Orientation

Financial Aid Award Letter Review

The financial aid process continues to become more and more complex; particularly for families who are going through the process for the first time. The last thing this audience needs is entertainment … What they need is an easy-to-follow, step-by-step overview that clearly outlines their next steps. A financial aid letter in Conduit Workflow can be as simple as quick explanations of each part of a student’s unique financial aid package or as complex as the ability to accept or decline each award (based on your desired level of integration).

Personalized Admitted Student Experience

If there is one phase of the process where personalization matters most it is post-admit and prior to enrollment. A personalized admitted student experience should feel like a student’s personal Netflix library with content curated specifically for them and their interests. Conduit Workflow enables you to build this type of an experience in a way that also helps you to collect feedback in real time to gauge probability of enrollment for your admitted students.

Platform Laptop-Admitted Student

Parent Support and Engagement

Parents are a key influencer of college choice and enrollment. They desire to be connected throughout the entire process. A Conduit Workflow for parents can help you to ensure that this important audience feels heard and supported alongside their student … with key videos and information meant to guide and support them from start to finish. 

Watch How it Works: