New episodes streaming August 19

08/10/2021 – Needham, MA

PlatformQ Education, the trusted provider of effective student engagement software and stategies, today announced plans for the relaunch of Higher Ed Live. New episodes will begin streaming on August 19, 2021 with 9 episodes planned for this new season.

For ten years, Higher Ed Live served as a showcase for the brightest minds in higher education. Last year, PlatformQ Education acquired Higher Ed Live from mStoner with plans to revitalize the network with new speakers and a new approach to content.

“To better support the higher education community that relies on Higher Ed Live for thoughtful insights and impactful conversations, we are modeling the new platform and content plan after popular streaming platforms like Disney+ and HBO Max” said Gil Rogers, Executive Vice President at PlatformQ Education. Rogers continued, “Lessons learned from these popular content platforms can and should inform how we think about audience engagement and by extension how enrollment and gift officers should think about engaging with their audiences as well.”

The new season of Higher Ed Live will feature expert panelists discussing a variety of important topics, including:

August 19th – Leaving a Legacy by Walking Away from One: Why a Return to “Normal” Won’t Set You Apart 

  • Host: Alice Arredondo, Ed.D, PlatformQ Education
  • Guests: Elora Thomas, University of Missouri-Kansas City; Dr. Mateo Remsburg, Ohio University; and Dixie Williams, University of Missouri – St. Louis

August 26th – DEI in Higher Ed: Continuing the Conversation 

  • Host: Dr. Kevin Sansberry, II
  • Guests: Sonja Jordan,Ivy Tech Community College and Jasmine Amegan Rosario, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

September 2nd – Trends in EdTech: A Fireside Chat with Industry Leaders 

  • Host: Gil Rogers, PlatformQ Education
  • Guest: Len “Nappi” Napolitano, Capture Higher Ed

September 9th – The Destandardization of Admissions Testing 

  • Host: Alice Arredondo, Ed.D, PlatformQ Education
  • Guests: Akil Bello, FairTest and Michael Hunt, University of Maryland, Baltimore County

September 16th – Tackling Transfer: Community College Pathways

  • Host:  Alice Arredondo, Ed.D, PlatformQ Education
  • Guests: Jessie Ryan, The Campaign for College Opportunity and Isis Artze-Vega, Valencia College

September 23rd – Graduate Recruitment is Changing: Insights from a Director of Graduate Admissions 

  • Host: Marie Elliott, PlatformQ Education
  • Guest: Marcus Hanscom, Roger Williams University 

September 30th – Trends in Digital Marketing: Creating Authenticity in a Virtual World

  • Host: Gil Rogers, PlatformQ Education
  • Guest: Alexa Poulin, Carnegie Dartlet

October 7th – Redefining the Student Experience: Student Journey Mapping

  • Host: Nicole Lentine, PlatformQ Education
  • Guest: Daniella Nordin, mStoner

October 14th – Creating a New Advancement Playbook

  • Host: Ashley Budd, Cornell University
  • Guest: Charlie Melichar, Marts and Lundy

Access to Higher Ed Live is completely free and available on the industry-leading Conduit engagement platform as well as all popular podcasting services. To learn more and subscribe visit

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