Part 2 in a Series Supporting Virtual Content Targeting Niche’s 4 Student Personas

For the second post of our four part series on targeting virtual content to different Class of 2026 Personas, we will focus today on The Prepped. For additional context, you can refer to the first blog post of the series “Supporting Virtual Content Targeting Niche’s 4 Student Personas”. All personas highlighted are from the recently released enrollment insight article from

The Prepped: Small Town, Large Campus 

Those in the Prepped category start their college search earlier than any other group, making Prepped students ideal targets for your freshman and sophomore college search outreach. These students usually identify as members of minority groups and typically come from public high schools in rural communities in the northern midwest. Prepped students tend to:

  • Be strategic about the institution types they choose
  • Lean towards small-town campuses with large student populations
  • Not have a strong preference between public versus private
  • Apply to institutions with which they already are familiar. 
  • Want virtual engagement opportunities (76% of students)

Since Prepped students both start their search early and want to engage with your admissions counselors, use your early outreach to:

  • Make your institution known and foster connections with your admissions officers. 
  • Focus on providing the specifics that Prepped students want, such as what exactly your institution is looking for in applicants as well as what your specific deadlines are and how to meet them. 
  • Give opportunities to engage throughout the funnel, as once they truly know your institution, your chances of receiving their application will grow exponentially. 

When it comes to virtual events, 76% of students look for virtual offerings. Focus on grabbing Prepped students’ attention virtually before they hit their junior year, and provide them with specific admissions statistics and personal connections online along the way. Think about a mix of early outreach virtual events that coach this group on your application and aid processes, as well as the value of an education at your institution. 


Prepped student’s career interests and access to quality education are at the top of their mind, and while they may not ask for specifics about each of your academic programs, they want to know that a degree at your institution will give them the foundation for a successful career. Curious about how to integrate career spotlights and student outcomes into your virtual program? Take a look at our spotlight of University of South Dakota’s Career Readiness Panel hosted on the Conduit Platform. 

Prepped students also express a large curiosity about the athletic caliber of your institution. Once Prepped students enter their junior and senior year, provide additional virtual content that focuses on campus life, traditions, diversity, and athletics. Why not begin an interview series of short three to five minute segments with current students who are involved in club sports and other popular student organizations. Then host a follow up Q&A panel with a diverse mix of these current students, and allow your Prepped students to ask them questions in real time.

To target the Prepped, you must start outreach early and continue strong with engagement up until they deposit. When planning content for Prepped students, regardless of where they are in the funnel, be sure to incorporate concrete facts, deadlines, statistics, and next steps in all outreach activities. Prepped students will apply to institutions they are familiar with and select the institution that offers them a degree they feel will provide them value upon graduation. So, become memorable and prove your worth! All in all, your early outreach efforts must place high value on incorporating the needs of Prepped students, as they are your ideal early college search audience. 

Still loving these quick bits of wisdom? Join us again tomorrow to dive into virtual strategies for the Stressed persona.