The Essential Enrollment Tool | How to effectively market and track in the age of data privacy

If you aren’t keeping up with the sea of changing marketing and data privacy updates, you’re not alone. However, as your partner in virtual engagement, we want to ensure you understand the hurdles you are (or will soon be) facing and — more importantly — prepare you with the unified and easy-to-manage tools to level-up your enrollment efforts.

Some recent changes that impact your digital marketing include: changes in tracking marketing cookies and ad targeting for people under 18 on Facebook and Google, increases in privacy protections like GDPR and CCPA which affect data collection and retention, and updates in Apple Mail drastically impacting the value of tracking pixels and email open rates. Our marketing experts and platform services at PlatformQ Education are the strategic support you need to navigate the future of enrollment marketing and gain actionable data to track ROI of your efforts. 

Conduit is the solution for today and beyond.

In the beginning, we revolutionized virtual engagement with our unique QTokens. QTokens utilized in email or SMS marketing services provide insights into the metrics you need at a Conduit content strategy campaign-level down to the individual student-level. QTokens show you what virtual events the student attends, what on-demand content they view, and what important links they interact with — all attributed to that unique individual for engagement measurement you can build into additional recruitment tactics

Now, with Engage Events powered by Conduit, we provide valuable identity resolution that eliminates the “information black box” of stealth applicants and the redundancy of duplicated staff efforts. Making smarter marketing decisions becomes even more valuable in today’s competitive enrollment landscape.

Even with growing privacy and data limitations in Google, Facebook and Apple, Engage Events gathers, manages, and then properly aligns the information you need so you get the full picture of the path your class took from their very first exploration of your institution. 

See the impact your virtual events, segmented communication flows, and integrated website have on a student’s decision to visit, apply or enroll in real time. Let’s level-up your enrollment marketing efforts.

You gain:

  • More robust student and class insights:  By aligning all of the pieces of a student’s college exploration process from multiple data sources, you build a robust understanding of each student’s profile even as data privacy restrictions in the digital space increase. Knowing more about their behaviors at a granular level provides opportunity for greater audience segmentation and personalization in your email and SMS communication plans for Conduit (and beyond!). 
  • Streamlined user experience: Recognizing students across every step of their journey reduces staffing and effort redundancies by eliminating duplicate contacts. And it enhances their experiences with your institution by enabling intentional interactions in the identified right channel at the right time with your institutional branding at each touchpoint.
  • Enhanced attribution and marketing campaign tracking: Identifying students (both known and momentarily anonymous) and aligning that data across all of your engagement channels enables more accurate and complete measurement. This provides the ability to identify and attribute the success of multiple marketing and outreach tactics — a known weakness of many CRMs.
  • Personalization accuracy, at scale: Over the years, Conduit has been the platform for virtual engagement at scale. Those experiences can be personalized at an even greater level with additional individual insights that accurately tell you about the specific behaviors and needs of your audience.

Marketing continues to evolve, often with little notice, and has wide-reaching effects on us all. PlatformQ Education’s seasoned marketing experts and all-in-one engagement software are dedicated to providing the guidance, support, and solutions our partner institutions need to strategically stay ahead of the curve.