Meet Robert Rosenbloom, Founder and CEO of PlatformQ Education.

Robert came from a family of entrepreneurs. His grandfather started his own real estate business after immigrating from Europe and his father also started and ran his own business.

So, it was only natural that Robert was also bit by the entrepreneurial bug — he started his first business while still pursuing his undergraduate degree. But, when he graduated from McGill University, he thought it best to start his career on more stable ground — so he started his career in banking.

A few years later, while pursuing his MBA at Columbia, Robert co-founded iCongo, which was an early e-commerce platform, and ultimately sold it to SAP.

Before too long, Robert had another idea…what if there was a better way to help students get a feel for what a college campus was like, without physically being there?

And this idea would be the springboard for what would ultimately becoming Platform Q Education —  one of the leading developers of virtual experiences in higher ed.

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