When problems are real, the stakes are high, and time is short, you need effective innovation.

Does this scenario sound familiar?

Higher education is ripe for disruption. There is no lack of great ideas on our college and university campuses, but unfortunately, process failings and lack of discipline can lead to great and innovative ideas never getting off the ground.

Mallory Willsea, EVP of Strategy and Operations, joins the 2022 eduWeb Faculty next month in Philadelphia to help attendees rethink their approach to innovation.

Why do great innovative ideas fail while others exceed expectations? Three reasons:

  1. Innovations rarely fail due to a lack of great ideas. Almost always, innovations fail because of a lack of discipline and process.
  2. Innovations that stick are difficult to replicate and go well beyond only the product.
  3. Innovations that are successful create value for your target audience and achieve adoption.

Mallory’s Challenge Track will survey the 10 Types of Innovation and leave attendees with a proven framework that can be implemented within teams or institution-wide to speed up the innovation process, yield stronger results, and create better value for our audiences. Whether you’re innovating on your brand, internal processes, student engagement, or beyond — attendees will walk away with a new approach to effective innovation.

Join us at the Summit, July 26-28! Get $250 off by using our discount code “22_PlatformQ” when you register.

This year’s program was curated by the higher ed community! With a refreshed approach to Summit programming, eduWeb faculty curated a collection of Challenge Tracks based on a survey of the community.

Other Challenge Tracks include:

  • Web Strategy
  • Building Brand and Enrollment Collaboration
  • Team Healing and Wellness
  • Addressing the Digital Equity Divide
  • Google Analytics 4

Each track is designed to minimize the PowerPoint and maximize engagement with each other. Don’t miss it and register today!