How the University of South Carolina Changed the Open House Game

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The way students and schools connect and engage continues to evolve … accelerated by a global pandemic. In response to a new reality of limited prospect lists and a need to ensure continuous and consistent engagement, the University of South Carolina understood that they needed to think differently. The Gamecocks needed to change the game!

This webcast will show how the University of South Carolina combined Capture’s Engage behavioral intelligence platform with virtual events hosted on PlatformQ Education’s Conduit platform to:

  • Drive maximum participation and engagement during a unique program that re-imagined what an in-person event looks like online
  • Leverage data to optimize follow-up communications and conversion activity to save precious staff time
  • Develop content that is continuously available to continue to engage prospects even after the conclusion of their live program
  • Precisely measure the impact and student outcomes from their Conduit virtual events

This presentation will showcase the alignment between the two platforms and how the University of South Carolina will build on their early success.