Capture Behavioral Intelligence Platform + Conduit

Virtual events have quickly become a cornerstone of an enrollment marketing plan. Unlike traditional in-person events, virtual content enables immediate insight into conversion and enrollment outcomes. PlatformQ Education have partnered to integrate data collected while students engage with institutions on the Conduit platform in to the data analyzed in the Engage module of Capture’s Behavioral Intelligence Platform. 

How it Works:

Audience Identification

Students participating in virtual events on Conduit access the platform with a unique identifier known as a QToken. Conduit and Engage automatically link past engagement with prospects (including anonymous website traffic) with identified prospects by leveraging Capture’s proprietary web analytics tracking.

Informative Analytics

Engagement with content on Conduit is automatically logged in Engage, enabling your team to incorporate event outcomes into Capture’s key metrics, including:

Engagement Score (CES)

Engagement score gives you the ability to execute agile communications strategies when the visitor is most engaged with your website by calculating one’s level of interest over a 7-day period. With Conduit + Engage, students engaging with your virtual event content (live or on-demand) have this activity reflected in their CES.

Affinity Index (CAI)

Affinity Index uses a proprietary algorithm to produce a real-time score based on a cumulative prospect engagement level on your website since the moment of identification. Virtual events have a unique place in the recruitment process. Conduit + Engage enables your team to include participation and consumption of content into their CAI.