So Nice They’ll Do It Twice: Marine Science Preview Event for Eckerd College

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About Eckerd College

Eckerd inspires you to change your life so you can change the world. We inspire and empower individuals to improve the world through mastery of self and a lifetime of learning. Their students are guided on a four-year journey of discovery, with small classes, professor-mentors and a commitment to community service. Eckerd is an innovative liberal arts and sciences community where students are well-taught and well-loved, deemed one of 40 Colleges That Change Lives.

Event Background

Organizing faculty, current students, and staff is always a challenge for in-person events and trying to coordinate that many presenters for virtual experiences can be an even greater feat. Eckerd used all the tools in their toolbelt to put on a successful event by communicating with their strategy team and connecting their faculty with prospective students who are interested in Marine Sciences.

The Results

Eckerd College saw over 300 unique visitors to their Marine Science presentation. They even saw an additional 30 attendees who logged in after the event to view presentations on-demand around their schedule. During the live event, students had the ability to ask questions in real time. Event attendees had an average of 6 activities while on the Conduit platform, showing strong engagement with the presentations, chats, and other Eckerd College resources that are tracked on the site. 

Eckerd College faculty gave overwhelmingly positive feedback for both the Marine Science program and the Conduit platform as a whole. Having faculty on board for live events makes the institution stand out to students, parents and counselors eager to learn more about the educational opportunities at Eckerd. Due to this success, they plan to run a follow up event later this spring.

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