Farewell, Fall Travel? Table Image

An Executive Leadership Forum Discussing the Potential Realities of Travel Being “Off The Table” This Fall

In April 2020 it seemed that every institution turned on a dime to quickly adapt their in person and regional events to virtual ones in support of their incoming class. Heading in to fall planning, we have one luxury that we didn’t have in the spring … A little extra time to think more strategically about how to best ensure prospective students are reached and supported through the process while also understanding that in-person events and virtual ones are not the same.

This panel of experts will discuss how their institutions are tackling the challenges of what a fall recruitment plan with limited events and travel looks like and how they will be blending online engagement with legacy communications to maximize student support and success.

Meet the Panelists

Cuca Acosta

Cuca Acosta

Associate Director, Admissions
University of California, Santa Barbara

Courtney Minden

Courtney Minden

Vice President of Enrollment and Dean of
Admissions & Financial Aid, Babson College

Alice Arredondo

Alice Arredondo, Ed.D.

Director of Admissions, University of Missouri – Kansas City

Jay Murray

Jay Murray

Associate Vice President of Enrollment Services, Western Connecticut State University

Mallory Willcsea

Mallory Willsea

Vice President, Operations and Strategy, PlatformQ Education

Joyce Lantz

Director of Recruitment and Communications, University of Notre Dame

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