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About Humboldt State University

Humboldt State University is a public institution that was founded in 1913 in Arcata, California. It has a total undergraduate enrollment of 6,300 and is designated as a Hispanic-Serving Institution (HSI) and as a Minority-Serving Institution (MSI). Humboldt offers a wide array of academic choices, with 52 majors and 12 graduate programs in three Colleges, where students have plenty of opportunities for hands-on learning with professors engaged in research and community service

Event Details

“Youth of Color Empowerment Day is an event put on by HSU students of color that encourages youth of color to continue their education. It also bridges the gap between HSU and the local community and provides the representation and support that often lacks for students of color. In addition, it is a way for HSU students of color to continue being leaders and share knowledge and advice to high school students prior to entering a higher education institution.” – Anayeli A. current HSU student.

Planning of this event was led by Anayeli and driven by the intention to ensure that the student voice was the most prominent throughout the sessions. She collaborated with peers to brainstorm workshop topics centered around “Knowledge Without Borders” and think through what high school students looking into tertiary education options from low socioeconomic backgrounds really want/ need to hear. 

Event workshops included a detailed jeopardy-style game focused on activism, body empowerment through art, financial aid overview that included information for US Citizens, non-citizens, and the California Dream Act Application (CADAA). These sessions created an intentional framework to teach future students and families about the values of Humboldt’s community and the resources that are available. They also provided students with the tools, resources, and support to be successful after high school. Through this targeted approach, they hope to achieve the universal goal of higher education.

Included in the event schedule was an impactful keynote speaker- Sarah Ramirez, MPH, Ph.D. Dr. Sarah Ramirez is an interdisciplinary public health researcher with a focus on food security, nutrition, well-being, and chronic disease prevention and has been featured in the news. Her moving presentation discussed food insecurities, community education and empowerment, and how nutrition is tied to success. She asked attendees to find a community of people whose ideas inspire them and support them.


With nearly 2,000 tracked activities on their Conduit platform, Humboldt saw impressive student and family engagement. Attendees clicked around to the various presentations that were scheduled, followed links to important information, and chatted with each other and presenters throughout the YOCE Day event. 

“Our goals with this event were to highlight cultural relevancy, to foster connections between students and their support team, and to create a sense of belonging for youth of color. With this in mind, we thoughtfully planned our content to create a dynamic experience for students, families and educators.” – Molly Pucillo, Local Pathways Coordinator, Office of Admissions

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