Key Insights Learned From COVID-19 Virtual Engagement (and the Impact on Fall 2020)

In March 2020 everything changed. At most institutions, in response to the spreading COVID-19 pandemic, institutional leaders across the country announced all campus visits cancelled due to health and safety concerns. This, of course, was just weeks before the ever important May 1 milestone used as a traditional benchmark for enrollment efforts.

In response to these unprecedented circumstances, enrollment leaders needed to act quickly to ensure they could provide their admitted students with the opportunities they needed to engage with their institution in meaningful ways as they made their final enrollment decisions. This executive panel will discuss key learnings from these spring programs and show how these lessons will be used to ensure the best experience for students and admissions staffs this fall.

Meet the Panelists


Andrew Palumbo

Dean of Admission
Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Elora Thomas

Interim Director of Admissions
University of Missouri-Kansas City

Jocelyn De Jong

Senior Associate Director of Admissions for Recruitment & Communications, University of Washington

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