How North Carolina State University Moved Their Key Admitted Student Day Event to a Two Day Virtual Experience

NC State Case study

About North Carolina State University

As the state’s largest public university, NC State is a leading public research university that excels across disciplines. These areas of study include: science, technology, engineering and math, agriculture, education, textiles, business and natural resources. They also are home to one of the top ranked colleges of veterinary medicine.

The more than 36,000 undergraduate and graduate students learn by doing. They pursue research and start new companies. They forge connections with top employers and serve local and global communities. And they enjoy an outstanding return on investment.

Moving From In-Person to Online

Organizing numerous faculty, current students, and staff is a challenge for in-person events and trying to coordinate that many presenters for virtual experiences can be an even greater feat. NC State took full advantage of the strategy consulting from PlatformQ Education’s team to develop a structure that would be easy and engaging for attendees and presenters. 

Focusing on topics and resources most helpful to admitted students and their families, they organized the information sessions to provide attendees an impactful but not overwhelming virtual experience.

The Results

NC State saw nearly 800 unique visitors to presentations across the two day event. The concern many institutions have is if spreading out events to multiple days will diminish the attendance of presentations, as it differs from the capabilities of in-person events. In fact, 75% of Day 1 attendees came back for Day 2 and an additional 100 students joined on Day 2 that hadn’t been able to make Day 1- reaching a larger audience than a typical one day event could! They even saw an additional 60 attendees who logged in after the two day event to view presentations on-demand around their schedule. 

Event attendees had an average of over 23 activities while on the Conduit platform, showing strong engagement with the presentations, chats, and other NC State resources that are tracked on the site. The location reporting from attendees showed they were able to reach future students from across the US, as yet another great benefit to virtual events! Students also submitted surveys, as a result of their Experience NC State attendance, sharing that they loved the interactivity and appreciated being able to hear from current students and their future faculty. Parents and family members who attended appreciated getting to know their student’s support system and university policy. 

But the proof of a successful admitted student event is to yield enrollment commitments, right? Thanks to the tracking and reporting abilities of Conduit, NC State saw 50 students click the link in the event platform to confirm their intent to enroll this Fall!

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