Evolving Approaches from “Virtual Events” to “Continuous and Consistent Engagement”

Change is hard. It always has been. During the height of the COVID pandemic, admissions officers were forced into uncomfortable change rapidly. Throughout it all, efficiencies and opportunities emerged. Then, in the aftermath, an interesting thing happened … The return of in-person programs and travel have forced an already under-resourced and burned out staff to do more with less … sound familiar?

As we begin yield season and start looking toward building demand for our future classes with a demographic cliff on the way … it’s time to completely rethink the place virtual engagement lives in our toolkit. Large scale virtual events were a product of their time. The priority is now how to develop a hybrid plan that maximizes engagement opportunities with prospective students while not burdening your team with high effort and low yielding work.

This leadership forum will discuss:

  • The imperative to shift from a virtual event planning mindset to a focus on high impact and engaging communication planning
  • Re-inventing new student search campaigns by leveraging behavioral engagement scoring of identified prospects over outdated modes like RFI/inquiry forms
  • How to bridge the gap between in-person programs with virtual content while minimizing the added effort requested of your staff and campus community

Meet the Panelists

Jeffrey Baylor

Executive Director of Admissions
West Texas A&M University

Erin Boggan

Associate Director of Events
NC State

Elizabeth Orehovec

Senior Associate Director
University of South Carolina

Kevin Phillips

Vice President for Enrollment Management
Lees-McCrae College

Beth Wolfe

Executive Vice President for Enrollment Management
University of Charleston

Gil Rogers

Executive Vice President
PlatformQ Education

January 13, 2022

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