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Unbiased assessment — Actionable insights — Improved strategies

In a crowded marketplace vying for attention, reaching and recruiting right-fit students has never been more complicated. Admissions professionals agree on the value of making the process as transparent and accessible as possible — but it’s increasingly challenging to balance traditional and innovative tactics and gauge success in these efforts. How do we determine what’s making the biggest impact with our audiences and, alternatively, what’s missing?

PlatformQ’s Student Recruitment Gap Analysis will evaluate your current efforts and make recommendations for increased efficiency and impact. We’ll identify opportunities to better meet the needs of prospective and admitted students, as well as their families and other influencers, across the enrollment cycle.

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PlatformQ Education’s Student Recruitment Gap Analysis combines an unbiased assessment of your current comprehensive recruitment plan with data-informed insights. The result? Strategic and cohesive recruitment initiatives and tactics that you can implement immediately.

PlatformQ Education’s Gap Analysis supports enrollment leaders by:

  • Assessing current goals and objectives and how they align (or misalign) with tactics being employed
  • Identifying redundancies that may be causing inefficiencies with staff time and resource allocation
  • Improving alignment between digital and video content with in-person experiences to ensure maximum reach and engagement of your audience

The Gap Analysis’ findings culminate in a summary of short-, mid-, and long-term opportunities to improve your recruitment efforts and plot out next steps to better nurture your audiences and their influencers.

Alice Arredondo

Dr. Alice Arredondo is Senior Director of Client Strategy at PlatformQ Education. An industry leader in admissions and recruitment, including digital engagement strategy, with 18+ years of experience in enrollment management at the University of Kansas and the University of Missouri-Kansas City. Dr. Arredondo holds a bachelor’s degree in English and Communication Studies from Truman State University (MO), a master’s degree in higher education administration and a Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies, both from the University of Kansas.

Nicole Lentine is Director of Outreach and Strategy at PlatformQ Education. Nicole excels in identifying enrollment challenges and finding the marketing solutions that best fit client needs. Nicole previously served as an associate director of admission at her alma mater, Champlain College. She spent more than a decade working with high school students and their parents as they navigated the college admission process.