Conduit to Slate Plugin

Conduit to Slate CRM integration, powered by Underscore


It’s never been easier to use the best tools, together, to reach and engage your prospective student and influencer audiences. With our Conduit to Slate integration, powered by Underscore, you can leverage your Slate CRM to manage your events, contacts, and reports while utilizing Conduit to plan and produce your continuous webcasting, streaming and live chat events.

How it Works:

Conduit to Slate Plugin

Automatic Q-Token Generation

One of the best features of Conduit is its direct log-in feature that allows an identified prospect to access webcasting and chat content without having to register, log-in, or install a browser plug-in or mobile app. 

The process of generating personalized log-in tokens (Q-Tokens) is now seamless for Slate customers. New prospects or event registrants will automatically have Q-Tokens created for their records with a process developed by Underscore and the PlatformQ Education tech teams. 

This new enhancement will enable Slate customers to create a seamless experience between students and their Conduit content by automatically generating links for students via email, SMS, and landing pages.

Clickstream Reporting in Prospect’s Timeline

Beyond attendee data, the true value of online engagement is the insights derived from the interactions between a prospect and an institution’s content. Conduit’s Clickstream reporting provides a detailed overview of all of the interactions a prospect takes while participating in a virtual event. This includes chat transcripts, documents downloaded, supplemental links clicked and of course presentations viewed. 

Thanks to Underscore, the Clickstream report can easily be plugged into the record of each prospect who engages with content on the Conduit platform.