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Student Recruitment Gap Analysis

Mind the Gap

In a rapidly changing, crowded marketplace, reaching and recruiting right-fit students has never been more crucial. Video streaming for college recruitment is key, but how do you ensure your content strategy will produce results?

PlatformQ’s Education’s Student Recruitment Gap Analysis will evaluate your current efforts and make data-driven recommendations for increased efficiency and impact. The result? Strategic and cohesive recruitment initiatives and tactics that you can implement immediately.

This roadmap will help you:

  • Assess current goals and objectives and how they align (or misalign) with current tactics
  • Identify redundancies that cause inefficiencies with staff time and resource allocation
  • Improve alignment between digital/video content and in-person experiences to ensure maximum reach and engagement

Admissions professionals agree on the value of making the recruitment process as transparent and accessible as possible — but it’s hard to balance traditional and innovative tactics and gauge success. PlatformQ’s Student Recruitment Gap Analysis shows you what you’re missing and lays the groundwork for an effective video strategy that reaches prospective and admitted students, as well as their families and other influencers, across the enrollment cycle.

Meet the Team

“Dr. Alice Arredondo is Vice President of Recruitment and Enrollment Strategy at PlatformQ Education. An industry leader in admissions and recruitment, with experience in undergraduate, graduate, international, and medical school admissions, she has 18+ years of experience in enrollment management at the University of Kansas and the University of Missouri - Kansas City, where she served as Director of Admissions before transitioning to PlatformQ in August 2020. Dr. Arredondo holds a bachelor's degree in English and Communication Studies from Truman State University, and both a master's in Higher Education Administration and a Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies from the University of Kansas.”

Let’s Get To Work!

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