An Executive Forum Discussing the Realities of Recruitment in a Post-Pandemic World.

With a year of recruiting in a pandemic under our belts, enrollment leaders have two key challenges; continuing to incorporate virtual engagement at scale while simultaneously planning for a return to in-person programs. Unfortunately, the “when and how” for the latter is still a moving target.

This executive forum, featuring enrollment leaders from a breadth of institutions and backgrounds, will discuss how admissions officers will need to tighten up their yield plans this spring and focus on virtual as the foundation and traditional events as a value add.

Meet the Panelists

laurie headshot

Laurie Barrow, MBA

Director of Admissions
Harrisburg University of Science and Technology

Mateo Remsburg, Ed.D.

Director of Recruitment
University of Utah

Eric Nichols, M.Ed

Vice President for Enrollment Management
Loyola University Maryland

Beth Wolfe, Ed.D.

Executive Vice President of Enrollment Management
University of Charleston

Scott Jaschik

Chairman and Editor
Inside Higher Ed

Robert Penman

Associate Director of Admissions
UC Berkeley


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