Island Time: Preview Event Despite Poor Weather


About Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi

Discover the Island University. As a part of the distinguished Texas A&M System, it is the only university in the nation located on its own island, at the heart of the Texas Gulf Coast. Offering more than 85 of the most popular degree programs in the state, Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi has been proudly providing a solid academic reputation, renowned faculty and highly-rated degree programs since 1947. Students who choose the Island University enjoy a warm, friendly, community environment where faculty often work one-on-one with students on research and other hands-on activities. Islanders become prepared for future careers that begin with experiences right here on the Island.

Event Background

Island Day is Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi’s official campus preview event designed especially for prospective undergraduate students and their families. At Island Day, students discover the Island University and the many opportunities TAMU-CC can offer! This event is steeped in tradition and provides a holistic view of what students can expect when they enroll.

This year, TAMU-CC utilized their strategic experience coordinating virtual events to bring Island Day to life when families could not come to campus. During virtual events hosted on the Conduit platform, students and families have an opportunity to watch live presentations, student panels, chat with representatives and watch on-demand videos.

During The Event

Island Day’s schedule provided students and their families the chance to hear current student perspectives on the Academic Programs at TAMU-CC, as well as learn about student services available. Using the Conduit live chat, prospective students asked questions to University staff and current students, getting answers in real time. Prospective students also took this opportunity to learn about admissions and next steps after acceptance to TAMU-CC. Presentations geared towards parents and families covered financial aid and the housing available to their students if TAMU-CC became their new home.

The Results

With over 100 students and their families attending Virtual Island Day, preview days have become more accessible than ever. Due to inclement weather in the region and COVID related travel restrictions, accessing colleges and universities presents additional challenges to the process. TAMU-CC’s successful Virtual Island Day proves that not only do virtual events work but they are a necessary layer of a successful recruitment strategy going forward. Allowing students to be able to have access to admissions staff, financial aid representatives, current students and faculty is integral to the success of their college search experience.

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