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About PlatformQ Education

An Extension of Your Team

We help you bring your student recruitment ideas to life through the power of video. Innovative colleges and universities rely on our powerful, intuitive Conduit video streaming platform and marketing automation to create, share, and optimize content that keeps prospective students engaged. We’re more than a vendor — we’re partners who lighten your workload and support you every step of the way.

Developing the Student Recruitment Strategies of Tomorrow

Our talented enrollment, marketing, and production professionals are driven by the desire to make positive change (and lots of coffee). Through our collective expertise, we’re building a more modern, effective, and accessible approach to recruitment and yield.

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Our Mission

When more students are educated, everybody wins. When more students choose your university, you win. Our mission is to help you boost recruitment by nurturing connections with right-fit students early, equitably, and often. Together, we can make the world a smarter place.

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Our Partners

No one succeeds alone. That’s why PlatformQ Education works closely with organizations that practice a more effective, inclusive approach to student recruitment.

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