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It’s Time to Plug Into Video-Powered Student Recruitment

Build next-generation streaming video experiences that resonate with students and boost your recruitment and yield.

PlatformQ delivers the content your students want through a fully managed video-powered student recruitment strategy designed specifically for your college or university, featuring:

Branded Streaming Platform


Library of On-Demand Content


Strategy Development, Gap Analysis, and Marketing Services


Live and Simulated-Live Events


Live Chat with Prospects


CRM Integration


User Tracking with Personalized Login Links


Automated Content Delivery by email and text messages


Audience-targeted communication flows


The results are evident. From building awareness to driving applications and increasing yield, PlatformQ’s platform, strategy, and services lead to better results.


After a video-led event hosted by the University of South Carolina, 60% of students who participated in the event applied for admission.


For students admitted to the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, those who watched video content enrolled at a rate 22% higher than those who did not.


Gettysburg College saw a 60% inquiry-to-applicant conversion rate, and a 33% yield rate, for students who engaged with video.


Students admitted to Franciscan University who viewed video content on Conduit enrolled at a 16% higher rate than those who did not.

Results That Convert

Strategic Recruitment

Build your list, identify best-fit prospects, and engage them with content that stands out from the crowd.

Video Marketing

Create a branded streaming platform and host compelling video content.

Student Engagement

Easily share live, simulated live, and on-demand videos with students and engage your audiences with live chat.

Segmented Campaigns

Segment and track your prospects and offer individualized content to each student.

Your Success Is Our Priority

Through close collaboration and a vision for success, we work with you and your team to develop video-powered recruitment strategies, build out your branded platform, execute on delivering effective marketing campaigns, and follow it all up with data analysis and reporting.

Success Story
November 4, 2022

How Gettysburg College Improved Conversion in Back-to-Back Years with Video

Gettysburg College implemented a strategic, video-powered recruitment plan that resulted in a 60% inquiry-to-applicant conversion rate and a 33% yield rate. Through pre-recorded information sessions and videos focused on key…
Success Story
September 14, 2022

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September 14, 2022

Experience CSUF: Cal State Fullerton

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Don’t Take It From Us

Take it from enrollment professionals just like you. See what people are saying about PlatformQ Education.

We are so grateful to have partnered with PlatformQ is serving our students, CSUF, one of the largest state schools in California! Serving a large scale of students in a personable and engaging manner with comprehensive detailed bursts of information can be challenging, however with PlatformQ it couldn’t have been better.

One of the gains we saw in our recruitment efforts this fall due to our shift to virtual and utilizing the Conduit platform was our ability to offer our Bringing the U to You events in all 50 states—something we have never done before. We saw this as an opportunity to not only host these events in the markets where we have done them in the past, but to also reach out to completely new markets. Through this series of events, we had students join every event we held. Furthermore, we continued to see engagement after the actual event because the sessions were available on-demand. This is something that would not have happened with live, in-person events.

Recent alumni panels are a highly impactful way to engage successful individuals with direct ties to Babson College while not asking for a heavy commitment of their time. In less than an hour we were able to have great personalities sharing their direct perspectives, and most importantly outcomes, of their Babson experience with nearly 100 engaged prospects. This was far more meaningful to the alumni, the institution, and those prospective students than any singular financial contribution would have been. While first presented as a live panel, this also makes for great on demand content within our broader continuous outreach to new prospective students.

We knew we needed to act quickly and adapt given the global pandemic and the shift to virtual-only options. An engaging and reliable platform where we could host thousands of students for our marquee open house event and beyond was critical to our success. The events we produced with PlatformQ Education on Conduit have enabled us to combine live and pre-recorded content into a truly unique experience with great results.

Conduit has changed the virtual event game! As we are navigating the virtual programming world- Conduit’s webcast platform has been a mainstay for UMKC. We were able to continue our virtual presence throughout the pandemic, but also plan for the future. Conduit will continue to be an accessible option for our students even as we transition back to campus.

Meet Your New Team

Get to know our PlatformQ Education experts who serve as an extension of your team to drive video-powered enrollment for your institution. Together, we will develop effective strategies to achieve your funnel-focused goals and deliver the content students need in the format they want.