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Create Your Video Streaming Platform

Your Hub for Video-Powered Recruitment

Conduit is where you build your institution’s branded video streaming service. Host large-scale online events, live chats, live streams, and on-demand content across devices and social networks. Engage and track your audience, and gather valuable insights along their enrollment journey.

Get the Data and Support You Need

Video is everywhere. It’s likely already part of your recruitment plan, but social media platforms don’t provide metrics that help you enroll students. Conduit does.

With Conduit, you’ll see every interaction, including pages visited, links clicked, videos watched, and chats submitted. From there, our strategy team will help you figure out how to nurture your best leads — and what content will bring them to campus in the fall.

You won’t go it alone. The PlatformQ Education team will be alongside you every step of the way.

PQCast — Your Video Production Control Room

PQCast, our in-house webcasting product, is used to host live, simulated live, and on-demand videos and events. Integrated into your Conduit dashboard for easy access, PQCast enables greater flexibility for your content production, including:

  • A streamlined presenter studio
  • Screen sharing and PowerPoint presentation upload capabilities
  • Automated closed caption generation with on-demand editing capabilities
  • Social Streaming
  • Encoder feed capabilities: RTMP-enabled software (i.e. Zoom and Video encoding devices (like Wirecast, OBS and Black Magic)
  • Optional live studio support with a PQE representative

PQCast also offers interactive features to enhance your presenters’ experiences and your audience’s engagement during your events:

  • Live Q&A management
  • Polling opportunities with real-time visuals
  • Overlay Videos 
  • Multiple video feed layout options
  • Pre-set studio backgrounds
  • and more!

Key Benefits of Conduit

Create a Branded Streaming Platform


Build a Library of On-Demand Content


Stream Live and Simulated-Live Events


Live Chat with Prospects


Integrate With Your CRM


Track Users With Personalized QToken Links


Automate Content Delivery


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