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Our Partners

Partnering for the Good of Higher Ed


Capture is a leader in behavioral intelligence and machine learning for higher education. Capture, paired with PlatformQ’s Conduit platform delivers a powerful combination of dynamic content and actionable data. Together, the products help students get the content they need while admissions teams get to know the interests and wants of students during the recruitment cycle.


Underscore, the world’s first Slate Platinum Preferred Partner, provides data and reporting integration support to institutions that use PlatformQ’s Conduit platform. This partnership with Carnegie’s Slate Optimization team provides seamless, enhanced webcasting and chat solutions within Conduit and enables integration with the industry-leading Slate CRM platform.


Concept3D is one of the leading solutions for virtual tours, providing specialized experience with colleges and universities. The interactive elements built into Concept3D’s products keeps audiences engaged. And the intuitive editor allows for quick and easy real-time updates.