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Develop Individualized Checkpoint Campaigns

Checkpoints Drive Conversion and Yield Throughout the Funnel

Build targeted conversion flows, parent communications, online orientation programs, virtual viewbooks, and much more with Workflow.

Housed within your institutionally branded Conduit platform, Workflow enables the development of personalized video and quiz content at scale! Progress through the video steps is tracked at the individual level, maximizing engagement and recall of information by the institution’s audience. Quizzes and tests may be added to the process for enhanced engagement.

We’re Here For You

We’ll partner with you to understand your audience, the individual paths they need to follow, and the content they should view. We’ll then build out your Workflow to ensure each audience member follows the correct path.

  • Scope Out Your Workflow: Videos, quizzes and other dynamic content are tailored to each individual in your audience based on their unique profile, enabling a personalized experience that supports your objectives.
  • Set Up Your Content: Video content is delivered to each individual based on their profile. Each video and quiz is mapped precisely based on your audience profiles.
  • QA Testing: In order to ensure your audience is getting the desired experience, each Workflow tool undergoes stringent Quality Assurance (QA) testing with your team provided access to preview and test each individualized experience.
  • Deploy and Maintain: Leveraging dedicated log-in URLs embedded within emails sent via the Q-Mail email automation system, your audience gains direct and immediate access to their personalized experience without being required to log in, register, or download anything.
  • Continuous Reporting: Reporting of who starts, pauses, and completes their personalized workflow is available in the Conduit dashboard. This allows for direct insights into the progress of your audience.

Key Benefits of Workflow

Easily Create Complex, Segmented Communication Flows


Tailor Communications to Individual Users’ Needs


Transparent, In-Depth Q&A Testing Before Launch


Daily Reports of Starts, Stops, and Completions


Automatic Reminders and Status Updates to Users


Downloadable Certificates of Completion


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